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Cassandra Wilson is one of the brightest jazz singers of the last decade. 2 Grammy-award winning Best Jazz vocalist (1996 and 2009) and Best Female Jazz Vocalist of the Year in Down Beat magazine’s opinion. It is hardly possible to put her in any definite frames of one genre. Her talent knows no limits. The Time Magazine twice named her “America’s Best Singer”.


Cassandra was born in a family of musician and music teacher. She has been trying herself in Media (has a degree in mass communication) but Cassandra’s true vocation was music. She started playing guitar at six and than began jazz vocal with more to do improvisation. In the 1980s she moved to New York and started her music career in a jazz band. And only later she recorded her own solo masterpieces.


Cassandra Wilson worked with the music pieces of such big-name artists as Davis Miles, Joni Mitchell, Sting, The Beatles, U2 etc. However Wilson is a singer who plays by her own rules. With her unmistakable honeyed husky voice, she makes intimate and personal statements with jazz, blues, R&B, country and pop. So the whole world stops in unbreathing astonishment while she performs. The through line to Wilson’s work is the masterful application of her profoundly resonant voice to whatever musical undertaking lies before her, be it a Hank Williams tune, a free improvisation or a Miles Davis composition. Every song originates deep in her chest, close to the heart, and her performances are stripped bare of any spectacles of showmanship. You will find no wounded wailings, dramatic embellishments or abrupt exultations here. And yet her songs are packed with emotion.


Cassandra Wilson – vocals 

Brandon Ross – guitar

Jon Cowherd – piano

Gregoire Maret – harmonica

Lonnie Plaxico – bass

John Davis – drums