Kadri Voorand’s charismatic voice, performance and unique compositions have made her a favourite in Estonia but also in Europe, the US and Canada. She has won numerous awards and cooperated with many interesting musicians, this time her band will perform on the same concert with Hanna Paulsberg Concepr from Norway.


One of the most notable young sax players Hanna Paulsberg has put toether her Concept that has proven to be one of the most important line-ups of Norway. Bright compositions, strong melody lines and the perfect harmony between band members have made them the favorites of critics.


The concerts are are in collaboration with Estonian Concert. 



Kadri Voorand Group 

Kadri Voorand – vocals

Jussi Kannaste – saxophone

Mihkel Mälgand – bass

Ville Pynssi – drums

Joel Remmel – piano


Hanna Paulsberg Group (Eesti-Norra)

Hanna Paulsberg – saxophone

Oscar Grönberg – piano 

Trygve Waldemar Fiske – bass 

Hans Hulbækmo – drums


Kadri Voorand http://www.kadrivoorand.com/

Hanna Paulsberg http://www.hannapaulsberg.com/