JazzBaltica Ensemble consists of young musicians from around the Baltic Sea, musicians also being composers, arrangers and soloists in their own right. Their current leader since 2012 is Nils Landgren, after having been a part of it from the very beginning. The program that is to be performed consists exclusively of material written, arranged and concieved by the Ensemble specially for this occasion, “deutsche frühling” in Tallinn and Tartu. 


We thank: Goethe Institute, Shleswig-Holstein and Federal Foreign Office of Germany


Nils Landgren & JazzBaltica Ensemble

Nils Landgren – trombone, vocals

Raivo Tafenau – saxophone 

Verneri Pohjola – trumpet

Janning Trumann – trombone

Sandra Hempel – guitar

Eva Kruse – bass

Lisbeth Diers – percussions, vocals

Anders Kjellberg – drums