In just two years, Nina Attal, a young French songwriter, singer and musician of only 20, has captivated audiences with concerts all over France and throughout the world. She mixes all the influences of black American music: Soul, Funk, Rhythm’n’Blues but tinged with Pop melodies. She creates an ambitious alchemy that gives their music a unique style.


With an incredible talent for the stage, like the artists that have influenced her, Nina Attal likes to put on a show. Singer but also guitarist, Nina Attal is primarily a rigorous musician with incredible energy, characteristics which she shares with the greatest artists. 


She started learning the guitar at the age of 13, she made her first gigs at 16. Still a teenager, while most people her age only listen to pop issued from reality shows, her heroes were the founding fathers first, such as BB King, Albert Collins, Albert King, Etta James, but very soon she also discovered Sharon Jones, Prince, Larry Graham and Lenny Kravitz, to only name a few. She decided to make music professionally at the age of 17, and in only two years she managed to seduce her audience by travelling French and international stages in no less than 100 shows.


Before and after will be the radio host and DJ Heidy Purga


Nina Attal – vocals, guitar

Sylvain Fétis – saxophone

Vincent Payen – trumpet

Philippe Devin – guitar

Damien Cornelis – keyboards

Edouard Coquard – bass

Julien Audigier – drums