Viru Keskus presents!

The concert “100 Estonians/Saja lugu” will be performed as an opening concert of Jazzkaar 2018 on 20th of April 2018.


Their unique work, “Saja lugu” , Variatons of the Estonian People will encompass different art forms and will be premiered in the form of a concert performance at the annual Jazzkaar jazz festival in April 2018. The project is being produced by Jazzkaar and was one of the winning submissions in the Estonia 100 music events competition.


The work is to become a poetic, aggregate portrait of the people of Estonia, capturing their spirit and nature. The artists also plan to publish a book about these 100 Estonians. Suggestions and applications are welcome through to next spring or until 100 people have been selected. The project is being supported by Government Office.

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NB! The information is being updated in time.