Andy Emler trio at Jazzkaar on April 21st – 22nd – 23rd

15. April 2013

Three familiar faces on the French jazz scene have come up with their own, original and convincing concept of the trio – rich, poetic and evocative. 

(written by Charles Gil)

Andy Emler trio

Andy Emler > piano

Claude Tchamitchian > double bass

Eric Echampard > drums


Andy Emler trio performs three concerts in Estonia in the frame of Jazzkaar 2013:

21/04 Narva, Castle of Narva at 17:00

22/04 Tallinn, Jazzclub No99 at 22:00

23/04 Viljandi, Pärimusmuusikka Ait at 19:00


The tour is produced by the Companie aime l’air and Vapaat äänet, with the support of the French Institute in Estonia,  in the frame of the French Nordic Jazz Transit, a program of the AJC (ex AFIJMA), in collaboration with Kumu drums.


From the opening bars of the trio’s set, it is obvious that sound, energy and interplay are the foundations of Emler, Echampard and Tchamitchian’s collective music-making.

Thierry Quenum, Jazz Magazine


Andy Emler’s trio work is more sophisticated than his (brilliant and spectacular) MegaOctet ensemble, which features the same ace rhythm section. The trio definitely has its own instantly recognizable sound and unique aesthetic approach. Its music could be described as a sort of “chamber jazz” where usual distinctions between genres – contemporary, experimental and/or avant-garde – are blurred to the point of invisibility : structures are kept to the essential, allowing for maximum freedom, yet what disturbances occur in the music are firmly controlled, as if to preserve a certain rigor in these “open forms”.

by Sophie Chambon in Read more


This is another fine French trio, the only musician here that I am previously familiar with is their drummer, Eric Echampard, who plays in Marc Ducret’s current trio, with three discs out as of now. Although I had not heard of Andy Emler before this, he has collaborated with Michel Portal, Daniel Humair and Marc Ducret and has discs out on Label Bleu. Bassist, Claude Tchamitchian has worked with Jimmy Giuffre, Joe McPhee and Linda Sharrock, as well as with a variety of fine French players. He co-founds the French label Emouvance.

by Bruce Lee Gallanter in Downtown Music Gallery, New York. Read More