Christmas Jazz Festival Welcomed December with a Fascinating Trio

07. December 2015
Ceren Ay

An Estonian-Hungarian trio with Marti Tärn (bass), Erki Pärnoja (guitar) and Aron Porteleki (viola, drums) had an astonishing performance at Kumu Auditorium for the Christmas Jazz in December 1st. Despite the cold weather outside, the performance hall was full of jazz lovers waiting to join this multi-instrumental music feast. 


The show started with an opening song called “I don’t care”, followed by “Circle”. While watching them on stage, it was clear to see how they were losing themselves in their instruments and how all these unique melodies come together with a marvellous harmony. At the very moment when I was thinking that song names reflect exactly the way they make you feel, bass player Marti explained that the origin of the songs came from deep emotions and nature. 


The performance continued with partly emotional, powerful, sometimes slow and lively songs such as “Will you”, “Tere Hommikust”, “Hold you” and “November”. In one point, the audience heard a lovely “Tere õhtust” from a Hungarian member of the Trio. Aron explained the story of the next song, “Trance”, and sent his greetings to his Hungarian guitar player friend who helped him with the rhythm idea during the creation of the song. Although his main instrument during the show was drums, Aron warmed up the hearts of the people with his viola performance.


As well as their unforgettable performance, these three young and very talented men managed to impress the audience with their sincere speeches during pauses. Marti and Erki were telling the story behind the idea of this trio that was started in the summer of 2014 in Tallinn. “Although the very first idea was creating and playing music together, we got lots of positive feedback for our show at Philly Joe´s. After that we decided to record our music”, Marti explained. He added: “This concert is an introduction to our album”. 


It was such a stunning show with full of energy and it was such a pleasure for me to be a witness of this powerful display. I can end my review, saying that I believe we will see this trio around the city and have a chance to listen to them more often.


Trio Porteleki-Tärn-Pärnoja

December 1st at Kumu Auditorium


Aron Porteleki – viola, drums

Erki Pärnoja – guitar

Marti Tärn – bass