Hauschka virtuoso at Vaba Lava stage

26. April 2015
Tinatin Baghashvili

Vaba Lava concert hall was crowded. Estonian people were waiting for Hauschka and his incredible notes to be sounded at Jazzkaar. Due to flight delay the artist arrived late in Tallinn. However, Hauschka music lovers were patiently waiting for the live. Volker Bertelmann (born in 1966 in Kreuztal) is a German pianist, composer and experimental musician who mainly performs and records under the name Hauschka.

The artist discovered piano playing at the age of eight at a Christmas church service. Afterwards, he began studying classical piano and continued taking lessons for the next ten years.

Later leaving school he moved to Cologne, where he began studying medicine and then switched to a course in business economics, but gave up both in order to concentrate on music.

Hauschka’s secretly improvising music while putting different subjects on the strings and test them. Tapes, ping-pong balls jumping throughout the performance. On the other hand, his music admired the audience and brought them to an illusion world. While the public was in emotional sway, Hauschka was very open and positive. 

His hypnotic art has something unique, while playing on piano those ping-pong balls and different tools move independently, therefore the musician does not control the whole process. This substitute is the most attractive for German performer.  The sounds he generated changed the course of his musical journey and he’s since used a prepared piano in a variety of settings.

After the performance the musician went to meet the guests, gave out signatures and many of his music lovers took photos with him as well as had short conversations about his art. The general atmosphere created a very relaxing and nice feeling. Hauschka said: “I was very stressed because of the flight delay, but as soon as I sat behind that piano and started playing I forgot everything. I enjoyed the audience. I was pleased to come back to Estonia to perform for Estonian people in a frame of Jazzkaar festival. I feel really great now.” 

All in all, the concert was fruitful and very memorable for the audience. People expressed love to the musician in a sign of huge respect. Hauschka went back to Germany to work on his new pieces and to bring out the most important aspects of piano features in contemporary music. 



Friday, April 24th at 22:00 at Vaba Lava

Hauschka – piano