Hubert Dupont Jasmim Trio: Arabic spring sounds in the rainy Tallinn

06. November 2014
Giulia Oro & Pilarica Martin

Hubert Dupont Jasmim Trio concert took place on 2nd of November at Kumu Auditorium as the last one of the Autumn Jazz Festival.

The band features Naïsam Jalal as flutist, Hubert Dupont as double bass guitarist and Youssef Hbeisch, as percussionist.  The Auditorium was filled with people of all ages, closing the Autumn Jazz season with an Arabic touch to warm up the rainy weekend.

Youssef stood out during the performance with a sophisticated and delicated Middle East folk style, playing different percussion instruments, such as the riq and the darbouka (also known as doumbek). He was able to show how a small tambourine can be so rich in rhythms by a spectacular improvisation. 

The double bass was played in both styles: cello-bowing and pizzicato by the leader of the band. This French jazz visionary has created a bridge between Europe and the Arab Spring countries, incorporating the oriental chords into the traditional jazz. A fabulous accompaniment for the flute in its revolutionary tunes. A particulary striking example was the microtone of the Nay performanced by Naïssam Jalal, who changed the instrument in order to enrich the melody.

Summarizing, this French-Arabic “marriage” had the potential to delight the audience in their fresh music, but the lack of rapport between all of them was noticed as a result of the distant harmony perspective. However, flute-double bass and flute-percussion connections were strong enough to pleased the people who attended the concert.

To conclude, the plaudits which were heard, claiming the last track at the end of the performance, was the indication of their good quality by the pleased estonian spectators.


Hubert Dupont Jasmim Trio

2nd of November 2014 at Kumu Auditorium

Hubert Dupont: double bass

Naïsam Jalal: flute

Youssef Hbeisch: percussion