Naturally 7 – an example of Vocal Play

27. April 2013

Seven man performing in the manner of the good old 90’s R&B style. Their melodies are nice and make people move, but from the moment you listen the lyrics, the question “What am I doing here?” raises by itself.

By Ana Pervan

There is no doubt that the men of Naturally 7 know how to sing and have good beat boxing skills, but something about their performance last night was over the edge. Predictable and simple lyrics, uncoordinated and unnecessary dance moves and their cover of the Beatles’ song “While my guitar gently weeps” were too much to handle. I can even forget the clumsy dance moves and the transparency of their original songs, but why on Earth did they have to do their R&B twist of the Beatles’ song that should never be touched? I would have no complain if their cover was good, but overdoing it with singing and beat boxing guitar solos was not needed.

Naturally 7 is a band of diversity. On one hand, they might be described as average because they play music that has already been heard in the last century. On the other hand, their music style Vocal Play could be considered as interesting or even unique. Using voices to recreate a sound of an instrument, which is combined with the singing voice is the definition of a Vocal Play, something they point out as their main characteristic.

It is true that Naturally 7 have some flaws in their performance, it is also true that their playing style, called Voice Play have made difficult to distinguish one song from another (every song sounded the same or similar), but above everything, it is crystal clear that the Estonian audience had fun last night. This was their first time in Tallinn and according to the crowd’s positive reaction, it won’t be their last.

Performed at Marina pavilion, on April 26th 2013

Naturally 7 is:
Roger Thomas
Warren Thomas
Dwight Stewart
Roderick Eldridge
Garfield Buckley
Armand Hutton
Napoleon Cummings