15. December 2014
Pilarica Martín

Richard Bona Trio involved Estonian people in his last concert of the year on December 11th at Nordea Concert Hall, tunning into the public from the beginning until the end.

Tequila song was the opening of this dazzling trio that played a wide repertoire of songs such as “Gazte” (youth in Euskera) by Sylvain or “Shiva Mantra”, which was composed by Richard Bona and inspired by his travels to India. They also made their own version of  Guinga’s (a Brazilian dentist and songwriter) song with a guitar intro by Sylvain.

The Cameron artist was also singing in many different languages: in his mother tongue, in Portuguese and English. Those talented musicians had their own solo moments, showing their abilities with their instruments. Luc’s style of playing the arpeggios sometimes reminded the Spanish guitar style. The energy of Ernesto was most of all felt by his beats, hops and jumps during his solo. 

At the end of the concert, Richard Bona was able to make all the audience sing with and for him. He built a base with the public’s voice, directed it and sang above the melodical intonation. The Singing Nation awarded this magnificent band with their hums.

They thrilled people not only with the amazing music, but with their jokes, smiles and satiric comments, making the whole auditorium laugh with them. With them, the spectacle is served. Attending a concert of Richard Bona Trio does not only mean hearing buoyant and soul-stirring music, but also experiencing the special atmosphere that they create. Undoubtedly, they will tug your heartstring.


Richard Bona Trio on December 11 at Nordea Concert Hall

Richard Bona – vocals, doublebass

Sylvain Luc – guitar

Ernesto Simpson – drums