15. november 2006

Life to me is like an art, because life had been created by an artist, the Chief Architect. Some people can only relate their soul to God. It seems as if they can only do it when it’s time to go to church, or when times are hard. They think that the soul in relation to the universe has to do with religion all the time. I think part of the stiffness we see is due to that, because they cannot relate their soul to a table, for example. They can’t see any practical use in relating their soul to a table, to a bug on a windowsill, to musicians on a bandstand, or a picture hanging on a wall, or salt and pepper. You can say that’s going from the sublime to the ridiculous, but is it? It’s like saying, “A bird does not fly because it has wings. I has wings because it flies.”
(Wayne Shorter’s article “Creativity and Change” , Down Beat, 1968)