Carrot Lights, a delightfully talented trio of energetic young Estonian musicians, was founded in 2012. Pianist Joel-Rasmus Remmel and drummer Kaspar Kalluste are both winners of the Young Jazz Talent Award and are very active and sought after musicians in Estonia. Their skills have led them to collaborations with foreign artists such as Kurt Elling, Jussi Kannaste and more. Adding to the mix is vocalist Laura Remmel, also known as Paula Mustikas whose initial style of pop and jazz when working as a solo artist is now heading into a more free and improvisational direction. In addition to tours and concerts in the Netherlands, she studies free improvisation in Arnhem. Together the three innovative musicians create music with no boundaries, their haphazard blending of different beats and melodies make their concert this year a fantastic tribute to the bold modern jazz movement. 


Laura Remmel – vocal, electronics

Joel Remmel – piano

Kaspar Kalluste – drums