Elina Duni is a world music songstress whose heart-wrenching vocals can be tragic, joyful or a pleasantly confusing mixture of both. The Swiss singer’s roots lie in Albania, where she lived until the age of ten. Despite studying classical music in Switzerland, her musical identity remains to be truly Balkan. The beautiful singer’s mission is to portray Albanian and Balkan folklore through poetic lyrics and jazz rhythms. She performs with a powerful, raw yet simple honesty; like a barefoot shepherd’s girl singing in a forest with all her heart.


The magical singer is joined by award-winning French pianist Colin Vallon, who holds prestigious titles including the Fridl Wald Foundation Prize and third place title of the Montreux International Jazz Piano Solo Competition. Classified as a jazz pianist, in addition to a variety of performances and collaborations, including his own founded trio Colin Vallon Trio, he is also a teacher at the Bern University of Arts. In addition to his skills, joining the renowned pianist and vocalist are Lukas Traxel on the double bass and Norbert Pfammatter on the drums.


With songs mostly in Albanian, the romantic tales of horsemen and heroes are told not only though Elina Duni’s enchanting vocals.  Expert jazz piano skills and double-bass and drum rhythms play a huge role in recreating ancient Balkan folklore through an emotional music experience.


We thank: Pro Helvetia


Elina Duni – Vocals

Colin Vallon – Piano

Lukas Traxel- Double bass

Norbert Pfammatter – Drums