In two different concerts of Autumn Jazz programme, renowned jazz ensembles and young soloists from Tartu, Tallinn, and Viljandi are joining forces. Concerts taking place thanks to the cooperation of Jazzkaar and Estonian Jazz Union are part of the Music Year programme and dedicated to 90th anniversary of the first jazz concert in Estonia.


The concert on 11th of October sees Raivo Tafenau – Siim Aimla group uniting with young guitarist Harri Eensoo from Viljandi, all for the passion for classical jazz. Linda Kanter from EMTA (Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre) will sing together with the pros, having performed successfully with the band called Gretagrund before. Ensemble MiaMee will be taken to new creative paths by steady-handed bassist Taaniel Kõmmus from Viljandi – beware! Kalle Pilli will be playing the guitar side by side to his teacher Mart Soo in the same band.