Ibrahim Maalouf is a Lebanese trumpeter whose music is inspired by the history and traditions of Arabian tones and rhythms. Not only does his music pay tribute to his roots but his incredibly talented father, trumpeter Nassin Maalouf; inventor of technique and skill involved behind playing the trumpet in the Arab quarter of music towns. Winner and nominee of many prestigious awards, he is an active and versatile musician and composer whose unique talents make him an internationally known artist.


Born into a world of music and art, Ibrahim Maalouf is not only the son of an innovative trumpeter but also the son of pianist Nada Maalouf, grandson to poet and musicologist Rushdi Maalouf, and nephew to writer Armin Maalouf. After his family fled Lebanon during the civil war, Ibrahim was raised in Parisian suburbs where despite the change in surrounding, his style and inspiration remain very much true to his origins and family culture. Not only is he the only trumpeter known to play in the Arab quarter to date, but he is also dedicated to musical exploration through the merging on Arab music and improvised Jazz. Despite his jazz playing skill being self-taught through experiences in large bands and orchestras, he is a fantastic improvisational jazz musician who plays in jazz clubs all across Paris and teaches improvisation at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Paris.


In terms of his achievements and projects, Ibrahim Maalouf has created five studio albums since 2007, most recent of which is “Illusions”, released in 2015, was on top of the French jazz music charts for over four months. As one of biggest record sellers of instrumental music in France for years, Ibrahim Maalouf’s more recent creation is a joint album with Malian hip-hop musician Oxmo Puccino named “Au pays d’Alice”, the album cover depicting the rabbit from the beloved story of Alice in Wonderland. With a history of interesting collaborations behind him, Ibrahim Maalouf participated in a wide variety of music and film projects including a performance in the opera “Welcome to the Voice” at the Chatelet Theatre in Paris as well as a guest musician on Sting’s album “If on a Winter’s Night” (2009). In terms of his work in the film industry he is the mind behind the soundtracks of “Smart Ass” (dir. Kim Chapiron), “Yves Saint Laurent” (dir. Jalil Lesperon) and “Red Rose” (dir. Sepideh Farsi).  In 2006, he launched his Mi’ster Productions record label which promotes the yearly Lebanon-based “Arab Trumpet Academy” as well as a variety of other music related projects and endeavors.


In light of his unique and innovative style, combining traditional tones with modern rhythm, among Ibrahim Maalouf’s most recent projects also include a tribute the legendary Egyptian singer and actress Umm Kulthum.  In celebration of the fortieth anniversary of her death, Ibrahim Maalouf has dedicated his next project to introducing the world to a woman who has inspired him and many other musicians and artists in the Arab world. His tour begins in the Netherlands this December, and the project (called “Kalthoum”) is just another example of the artist’ ability to unite the old and the new.  The award winning artist and musical visionary has a reputation of delivering enthralling performances across the globe and Jazzkaar is delighted to feature him at Telliskivi Loomelinnak this year.


We thank: L’Institut francais d’Estonie


Red & Black Light 

Ibrahim Maalouf – trumpet, keyboard

Francois Delporte – guitar

Eric Legnini – keyboard


Stephane Galland – drums