Mehmet Polat Trio began in the Netherlands, where Malian musician Zouma Diarra and Turkish musicians Mehmet Sinan Art’l and Mehmet Polat discovered their common interest in unique, spiritual music. An unconventional union of fantastic Mediterranean and African instrument players, the trio is comprised of the nei, kora, and oud, creating a mystical style that is both spiritual and adventurous.


Founder of the trio, Mehmet Polat, has played alongside orchestras in the Netherlands prior to the formation of the trio. His profound skills on the oud combine the elegance of the ancient Arabian instrument with the bold modern melodies of his compositions. Legend dates the instrument to the sixth son of Adam, and regardless of one’s personal opinion of biblical legends, scientifically the oud dates back to 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia; modern day Syria. Sinan Arat adds to this Mediterranean mysticism with the ney, a Persian instrument just as old as the oud. With ney and oud, Anatolian traditional tones flow through these two talented musicians, and harmonically combine with the bizarre East African kora. The kora cannot be categorized by any single instrumental group, its official name is in fact the “double-bridge-harp-lute”. Zoumma Siarra adds Malian flavor and a serene sparkle to the trio, their unique blend of instruments surpassed only by their fearless and innovative compositions.


Meditative, energetic and hypnotizing, the trio’s music is a powerful spiritual blend of styles and historic origins. Sounds from the Fertile Crescent, ancient Persia, and East Africa meet modern improvisation this spring in a breathtaking world music performance.


Mehmet Polat – ud

Zoumani Diarra – kora

Sinan Arat – nei