Michael James Owen Pallett is a talented Canadian vocalist, composer, violinist and keyboardist. Before going solo as Owen Pallett in 2010, he performed under the name Final Fantasy, the name under which he won the 2006 Polaris Music Prize for the album “He Poos Clouds”. Starting from the incredibly young age of three, he began learning classical violin and by the age of thirteen he created his first musical composition. His precocious ability to write music led him to film scoring, writing music for video games, and the composition of two complete operas during his time at university. In 2002 he acquired an Honors Bachelor of Music for Composition from the University of Toronto.


The Canadian music virtuoso continued his career as he started it, ambitious and incredibly active in the music scene. In addition to four studio albums some of his notable projects include his musical composition for Oscar winning move “Her”, as well as his position as a skillful orchestra maestro for a long list of pop and rock stars such as Taylor Swift, REM, Pet Shop Boys, Franz Ferdinand, Robbie Williams, Linkin Park, Snow Patrol, Arcade Fire and more. With an undeniable and multi-dimensional array of talents in the field of music, Owen Pallett attributes the music he creates to his sexuality. The openly gay musician states that “As far as whether the music I make is gay or queer, yeah, it comes from the fact that I’m gay, but that doesn’t mean I’m making music about it.” Despite the casual statement, his powerful music demonstrates passion and strength, and his performance this year alongside bassist Matt Smith and drummer Rob Gordon is sure to be a liberating experience.


Owen Pallett – violin, keyboard, vocal

Matt Smith – bass

Rob Gordon – drums