Estonian jazz musician and composer Raul Sööt is well known for his written music for various chamber ensembles, big bands and symphony orchestras.  In addition to his compositions, he has also founded one of Estonia’s most well-known live jazz bands, “Deeper Sound”. The nine-member collective began in 1998 and has been comprised of mainly international band members (mostly Swedish and Finnish musicians) until this year. Their newest album exclusively features first-class Estonian instrumentalists including two saxophonists, one bass clarinet player, a trumpeter, trombonist, guitarist, clavier player, drummer, and bassist.  The group, not only known in Estonia, have previously presented and been recorded by the Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra and the Metropole Orchestra in the Netherlands. Locally, the live band has been featured by the Estonian Dream Big Band, and their full sound and combined skill have given the quite a reputation for excellence in Estonia


The nine-member collective Deeper Sound began in 1998, during its early years it mainly consisted of Swedish and Finnish musicians. That same year, they performed at the Jazzkaar, and are not only one of the most multidimentional jazz bands but are also veterans in the Estonian Jazz scene. In terms of their depth and sound, durin their early years Raul Sööt stated that “Deeper Sound is a sound belief in multiple dimensions”.  They continued to perform and explore new elements and dimensions of modern jazz. Their work includes participation in the 2013 Tallinn Music Week as well as a total of twenty live performances in 2014. Their styles and compositions continue to evolve, and we hope you will join us for their newest demonstration this year at Jazzkaar 2015.


Raul Sööt – saxophone

 Keio Vutt – saxophone

 Meelis Vind – bassclarinet

 Allan Järve – trumpet

 Eduard Akulin – trombone

 Paul Daniel  – guitar

 Holger Marjamaa – piano

 Peedu Kass – double bass

 Kaspar Kalluste – drums