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The musical battle group with a provocative name Amok Amor is a quartet led by Swedish bass player Petter Eldh that has found a home in the effervescent avant garde of Berlin. The explosive collective includes Wanja Slavin on alto saxophone, Christian Lillinger from Germany on drums with his unpredictable handwriting, and one of the most special trumpet wizards from USA – Peter Evans. The debut album of the trio released in 2015 has been described as a hurried and crazy run through the ever-changing world that is kept alive by the undying soul of music. The out-of-the-ordinary expedition of Amok Amor is demanding, but liberating to those who have passed it.


Special thanks: Goethe-Institut in Finland

In collaboration with Vapaat äänet.




Petter Eldh
Peter Evans
Wanja Slavin
alto saxophone
Christian Lillinger