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Viru Keskus presents:


The creative director of Jazzkaar, Anne Erm says that Reeves has risen to the absolute top of jazz world through her 30 years of creation and 18 solo albums. “There are plenty of talents in the world, but the depth and grasp similar to Reeves is hard to find. She is also an absolute favourite of mine,” Erm says.


Reeves’s success on her path as a singer has to do with her detailed finesse in performance and fresh choices. She has boldly placed jazz standards to new interpretations. She has not been afraid of the pop era hits, but always performed them in the key of jazz. Next to the jazz tradition, the singer’s performances also ring along undertones of soul, Caribbean rhythms, a touch of Afro, a feel for the classics, and the moves of Brazil.


This time, the diva performs at Nordea Concert Hall on 27 April with her quartet. Peter Martin, Romero Lubambo, Reginald Veal, and Terreon Gully will take the stage with her. Dianne Reeves has performed to the Estonian audience twice before. The newest album of the singer – Beautiful Life (2014), awarded with a Grammy, brings together R&B, elements of Latin and pop, in the key of 21st century jazz. For the spring, a new album is to be expected as well.


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Dianne Reeves
Peter Martin
Romero Lubambo
Reginald Veal
Terreon Gully