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The Manchester trio GoGo Penguin is a new star in the sky of modern cinematic jazz. The trio that contributes equally to unity and music defines their sound as acoustic electronic and they combine the elements of triphop, jazz, rock, and classical music in it. The result is a strong set of sounds where Massive Attack, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, and Squarepusher meet, as well as sometimes also Shostakovich and Debussy.


The trio instantly captured the attention of the audience and critics with their 2012 album ‘Fanfares’ that was followed in 2014 by the Mercury Prize nominated ‘v.2.0’. A year on, the trio signed to the legendary Blue Note label. GoGo Penguin’s pianist Chris Illingworth, double bass player Nick Blacka, and drummer Rob Turner see minimal piano melodies, deep bass lines, and sharp rhythm structures inspired by electronic music their signature sound. Regardless of the schemes that could feel severe, the soundscapes of the trio are lively and rebellious, adapting with the demands of experienced jazz connoisseurs as well as the polar opposite preferences of the iPod generation. The 2016 album ‘Man Made Object’ by the trio with a fiery stage chemistry has ambitiously taken on robotics, transhumanism and the futuristic visions of augmented reality.


Until 31 December 2016, ticket prices are 20.-/15.-

From 1 January 2017, ticket prices will be 25.-/20.-

From 1 April 2017, ticket prices will be 30.-/25.-


Chris Illingworth
Nick Blacka
double bass
Rob Turner