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The legendary American fusion jazz collective Spyro Gyra is one of the most important trendsetters of smooth jazz who has joined the sounds of r’n’b, funk, and pop in their music for decades. The band has released more than 30 albums which have sold over 10 million copies. The collective is known for their active and busy concert schedule.


Spyro Gyrale that kicked off in 1974 Buffalo was founded by saxophone player Jay Beckenstein and keyboard player Jeremy Walls, they started with instrumental covers of r’n’b, leaning on the traditions of rhythm music. Another push was the power of the sounds of Weather Report and Return to Forever. They found their own niche by putting together more esoteric directions and lighter tones. Spyro Gyra released their debut album in 1977 and it also made it to the Billboard Top 40 jazz albums in the following year. 70s brought international fame, and their albums enjoyed high rankings in genre charts.


Spyro Gyra that has been active for nearly 40 years, does not show signs of fatigue, and as experienced tourers, they also find time for more and more studio recordings. The commercially successful band has got 12 Grammy nominations, but no victory this far. Jay Beckenstein says jokingly that he hopes to avoid victories also in the future and achieve a special prize for many nominations that didn’t result in a victory.


Dynamic, rich, and juicy sound has been the trademark of their sound, and the easy-to-grasp soundscape has never meant indulgence towards commercial solutions. Listeners who appreciate tasteful and lighter sides of jazz in addition to the more demanding sounds, are in store for a memorable experience by Spyro Gyra at Jazzkaar in the spring.


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Jay Beckenstein
Tom Schuman
Julio Fernandez
Scott Ambush
Lionel Cordew