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The duo that combines classical composition with modern and experimental sound production is comprised of Erol Sarp from Switzerland and Lukas Vogel from Germany. Inspired by the soundscapes of Steve Reich, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Alva Noto, they create movie-like minimalist music with sounds hard to put a finger on, and has roots in club and techno sounds. Their concerts have been compared to a public heart surgery on a piano, and the spontaneity of the musicians makes every performance one of a kind.


Friends already from university times, they started to combine various musical backgrounds and approaches – Erol Sarp’s classical piano school was a contrast to Lukas Vogel’s affection towards electronic and experiments on unique synths he built himself. Their first track they released together – ‘Ezra Was Right’ caught the attention of the renowned jazz specialist Gilles Peterson, and the track made it among the favourites of many radio listeners in 2013. The EP ‘Firm’ that followed, confirmed the duo’s position as those who take piano music and electronic sounds into new heights.


The debut album ‘Dilation’ of Grandbrothers released in 2016 brought out the hidden and unheard possibilities of the traditional instrument – a unique analogue rhythm machine was created for the recording to manipulate sounds coming from the piano in a new and often also unexpected way. When creating the rich sound image, no additional electronics or supporting synthesizers were used. The tracks on the album are based on repeating piano patterns, having both the effect of ambient club music as well as contemporary music that brings the traditional instrument into the modern day. The duo treads on the boundaries of this royal instrument, trying to find undiscovered sound nuances.


The debut album that has been highly praised by critics, has taken the duo on a long album tour. It is an experience truly gazing into the future, showing a historic iconic instrument in a new light.


Erol Sarp
Lukas Vogel