Jazz Talks are a forum for representatives of other jazz festivals and journalists from Estonia and abroad, supporters and melomaniacs. This year’s topics include music journalism, management, “Tallinn-67” and behind-the-scenes life of the music industry. Come and be part of interesting free panel conversations on 22nd, 23rd, 25th and 28th of April in Punane Maja and Safran.


Raitala Music Ltd is a brand new management and booking agency for some of Finland’s most well-known musicians in the field of jazz and pop music. Before starting her own company, Pia Raitala worked as an Artist Manager for over 10 years. The top-notch artists include pianist Aki Rissanen, saxophonist Jukka Perko, jazz ensemble Ricky-Tick Big Band and vibraphonist Panu Savolainen to name a few.


Virgo Sillamaa is the board member and director of the new Estonian music export office and industry association Music Estonia. A long time freelance jazz guitarist he had been active on the Estonian improvised music scene for more than ten years and is now managing AVARUS, a company built around promoting and advancing the careers of some of the most prominent improvisers/composers in Estonian jazz scene.


Charles Gil and his agency Vapaat äänet (Finnish for Free Voices/Free Sounds) promotes and develops the exchange of jazz and improvised music between France, Finland, the Baltic countries and the whole Nordic region. The agency works with passion and respect for adventurous music and its creators, helping them to meet new audiences. Over the years Vapaat äänet has steadfastly built up a substantial network of promoters in Northern Europe.


Moderator is Raimo Matvere.


“Fookus Live: What does it take to manage an artists’ career in 2017 and beyond?”
Speakers: Pia Raitala, Virgo Sillamaa, Charles Gil, Raimo Matvere
Language: English


Collaboration: Music Estonia