Jazz Talks are a forum for representatives of other jazz festivals and journalists from Estonia and abroad, supporters and melomaniacs. This year’s topics include music journalism, management, “Tallinn-67” and behind-the-scenes life of the music industry. Come and be part of interesting free panel conversations on 22nd, 23rd, 25th and 28th of April in Punane Maja and Safran.



Andrey Henkin is the editorial director of the online magazine New York Jazz Record which covers good amount of jazz news from all over the world. Henkin is the expert in whose listings every musician would like to be. Besides writing reviews, interviews and other music news he is also doing creative writing, sculptures and graffiti pictures. He has been also active in writing for Allaboutjazz.


Ammar Kalia is a music writer and has written for Clash, Hero Magazine, Tank Magazine, Jazz Standard, The Guardian, The Morning Star, The Quietus, etc.


The jazz talk is moderated by the journalist Stuart Garlick (Charm Offensive).


“Music journalism – a friend or a foe of the musician?”
Speakers: Andrey Henkin, Ammar Kalia, Stuart Garlick
Language: English


This program is funded by Baltic American Freedom Foundation (BAFF). More information: www.balticamericanfreedomfoundation.org