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Home concert takes place in Veerenni, home of Eneli & Jürgen.


Once again homes will become part of the festival’s locational variety – for one special evening the musicians will become full members of the host-families and greet the music fans in unique atmosphere and intimate sound palette. All of the participating homes have been chosen with love and care and will be welcoming a very limited amount of audience.


Andre Maaker has been a vivid member of Estonian (jazz)music scene since early 2000. He has performed and recorded with many prominent jazz musicians, played folk music with singer-songwriters, collaborated with improv bands and classical musicians. This time he’s playing solo, which is something that has been Maaker’s passion and commitment since he picked up the guitar in June 1995. “Playing solo is about being face to face with yourself, reacting to the smallest vibes within and making music out of that.” Andre Maaker has released two solo albums: “Minu laulu pidu” (2014) and “Andalusian Illusion” (2016).


Andre Maaker