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“A Tribute to Valter Ojakäär“


Every song at the tribute concert to Valter Ojakäär reminds us of the moments from the rich creative journey of Valter Ojakäär. He was a generous giver as a composer, musician, and music historian. In 2013, two saxophone players Ojakäär and Tafenau, picked the repertoire of the composer’s 90th birthday concert together. Maestro, who listened to the concert, praised the soulful performance of Liisi Koikson and the fresh takes by Raivo Tafenau. The songs from that concert made it onto a CD named ‘Õhtu rannal’ (‘A night on the beach’). The musicians will now be joined by Silver Laas who is the singer of Traffic and he has graduated from the jazz department of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Since Raivo Tafenau will be playing on a saxophone that the creator himself has played on, it is guaranteed that the soul of the composer will be present.


Raivo Tafenau
Liisi Koikson
Silver Laas
Paul Daniel
Marti Tärn
Kaspar Kalluste