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The Armenian pianist and composer residing in Paris Tigran Hamasyan has achieved his reputation as one of the most unique and outstanding jazz pianists of his generation at the dawn of his 30th birthday. His powerful music is full of surprises – it is an unusual combination of ethno elements, minimal electronic, jazz, rock, rapid changes of time signature, dynamics and tones that melt from acoustic to electronic. He can deservedly be called one of the most fervent pianists of jazz who likes to put fantasy into joining styles by adding the rich Armenian music heritage with elements of bebop, trash mental, and dubstep.


Tigran grew up in a music-centred family and he started practicing piano by playing the songs of Louis Armstrong, Led Zeppelin, and Queen. In his early youth, Armenian folk music became close to his heart and it is one of the biggest inspirers to this day. During his colourful career, he has won many awards – the main prize at the 2006 Thelonious Monk international competition, the title of the best pianist at the 2013 Montreaux Jazz Festival, in 2015 he won the Paul Acket award at North Sea Jazz Festival, and in 2016 he won the renowned Echo Award in Germany for the best international piano album ‘Mockroot’. Hamasyan’s work has been released by labels such as Red Lions, Nonesuch, and ECM. His discography also comprises recordings with an electro-acoustic trio, and collaboration with the chamber choir of Yerevan that focuses on sacred music. He has toured with Dhafer Youssef, performed with Moroccan singer Hindi Zahra, Swedish bass player Lars Danielsson, and Vietnamese guitarist Nguyen Le with whom he will also take the stage at Jazzkaar in the special project Kristjan Randalu Limes Occidentalis.


Tigran’s latest ambitious project is the album ‘An Ancient Observer’ written for an eight-member band set to be released in 2017, which examines the immeasurable effect of  today’s world and history on modern life through a personal perception prism. The melody virtuoso and rhythm master’s fan base includes those who listen to jazz, but also progressive metal. His talent is appreciated also by Brad Mehldau and Herbie Hanckock. Jazzkaar audience meets Tigran Hamasyan for the second time already – at the 2012 Christmas Jazz, his charismatic detail-sharp pianism was appreciated by a full house.


We thank: Embassy of the Republic of Armenia


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Tigran Hamasyan