This artist special is part of the jazztalks and will be filmed by Viljandi Vibes. The conversation will be at 17.50 in English and led by Stuart Garlick. The duo’s live will start at 18.00.


Kadri Voorand is a well-established vocalist and composer, Mihkel Mälgand is one of the most active bass players in Estonia. Together they have formed a duo, playing mostly original music, skillfully composed material for piano, bass and voice that’s open for improvisation, illustrated with ambient electronic effects, while using both Estonian poetry and original texts. They have previously played together in Kadri Voorand Group, which played concerts both in Estonia and abroad, including Pori Jazz, Jazz Baltica etc.


We thank: Estonian Authors’ Society


In collaboration: Viljandi Vibes


Kadri Voorand
Mihkel Mälgand
double bass