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The Danish duo Bremer/McCoy with an intimate sound that gets under your skin is a sum of everything that the lovers of modal jazz could wish from one modern collective – they have the nostalgic tones of times past while not sounding outdated. There is simplicity and clarity in their music that makes the formations organically lively.


Jonathan Bremer and Morten McCoy are childhood friends who are connected by a shared vision to creative meditative music that lowers the barriers between the performer and the listener. Double bass player Jonathan Bremer has been shining in the Danish jazz scene for years as he is part of the resident band of the legendary jazz club Montmantre. Pianist Morten McCoy’s sensitive piano passages make the duo’s creations a whole that speaks to the hearts of the listeners without words.


We thank: The Embassy of Denmark, The Danish Culture Institute


Morten McCoy
piano, electronics
Jonathan Bremer
double bass