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French quartet Impérial Oprhéon’s unique music is full of passion, extending from Brazilian grooves and Balkan trance to heroic pop, waltz or blues. Even the Phantom of the Opera is ready to show himself in this fun, sultry company. By the way, the leader of the ensemble Rémy Poulakis is a classically trained singer. The programme will feature music from the new album – french multiinstrumentalists Rémy Poulakis, Gérald Chevillon, Damien Sabatier and Antonin Leymarie together play over a dozen instruments. The concert tour will be held also in celebration of the month of Francophony.


In co-operation with Agency Vapaat Äänet.
We thank: French Institute




Rémy Poulakis
vocal, accordion
Gérald Chevillon
bass- and soprano saxophone, electronics
Damien Sabatier
baritone, alto and sopranino saxophone, theremin, electronics
Antonin Leymarie
drums, percussion