Jazz Talks are a forum for representatives of other jazz festivals and journalists from Estonia and abroad, supporters and melomaniacs. This year’s topics include music journalism, jazz trends in US and Europe, discussion about the phenomenal ECM, artist talks and inspirational musician.


What is the role of media for youngsters and how to reach younger audiences? These questions will be discussed by Matti Nives from Finland (WeJazz festival, radio host), Thomas Rees from UK (EZHMag) and Aiga Leitholde from Latvia (music manager, freelance journalist and online talk show about jazz music “Jazzin Muzikālās Piezīmes”). The talk will be led by journalist Stuart Garlick (Charm Offensive).


Guests: Matti Nives, Thomas Rees, Aiga Leitholde
Moderator: Stuart Garlick (Charm Offensive)


Jazz talk will be in English.