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Named the wonder child of soul music, the Ghanian-rooted British artist, song writer and producer Myles Sanko wrote his first songs at the age of 15. For those who can appreciate the timeless energy of Otis Redding, Al Green and James Brown, find Sanko’s captivating creations a much welcome treasure in today’s music scene that is saturated with mainstream pop. The goal of the singer is to combine gripping music with a message that moves people.


Rolling Stone magazine describes Sanko as the biggest star among European soul artists. BBC’s Craig Charles praises the many shades of the young talent’s voice, and many more critics are not modest with their praise.


Powerful wind instruments, tones of the vibraphone and flute and heart-warming Fender Rhodes notes help even the most sceptical listeners to find their soul strings. It is a great pleasure to present the satin-voiced talented artist to the Jazzkaar audience for the first time.


Myles Sanko
Gareth Lumbers
Sam Ewens
Tom O’Grady
keyboard, Fender Rhodes
Philip Stevenson
Jon Mapp
Rick Hudson