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Residing in Berlin, the German saxophonist and composer Philipp Gropper created the classically lined up quartet of Philipp Gropper’s Philm to push jazz to its stylistic limits. Strongly felt in his composing and improvising techniques is the influence of New York’s fellow saxophonist and composer Tim Berne. Gropper’s work is inspired from the same mathematical dynamic, mixing passionate outbursts with subtle, sophisticated irony. The quartet’s unconventional take on jazz is a direct result of the individual artistic personalities of each member.


Borrowing ideas from modern minimalism and European chamber music, the group moves between these different sounds with considerable skill, always avoiding getting stuck in repetitive, outdated patterns. Making up the Philipp Gropper quartet are the Austrian pianist Elias Stemeseder, Cologne-based double bassist Robert Landfermann and also from Berlin, drummer Oliver Steidle. Having met up in 2012, the band have been prolific and released 4 albums, the latest of which is a 2018 concert recording “Live at Bimhuis”. Mechanical in its nature, the group’s music has nevertheless managed to maintain the excitement in their sound throughout the years, always broadening the horizons of jazz along the way.


In collaboration with agency Vapaat Äänet.


Philipp Gropper
Elias Stemeseder
keyboard, piano
Robert Landfermann
double bass
Oliver Steidle