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The British jazz group Sons of Kemet was formed by saxophone-clarinet player Shabaka Hutchings, tuba player Theon Cross and two drummers – Eddie Hick and Tom Skinner in 2011. It can easily be said that the collective holds the brightest British jazz talents.


The group led by Shabaka Hutchings combines jazz with rock, and adds patterns from traditional Caribbean and African music. The bold sound colours hold ritual tones and jazzy freedom being unstoppably funky at once, or in esoteric heights the moment after. Sons of Kemet with its Afro-futuristic sounds keeps discovering new areas and turns the expectations of a predictable jazz group upside down. They have played more chilled sitting down concerts, but also dominated night club stages as well as shone at international festivals.


Shabaka Hutchings
saxophone, clarinet
Theon Cross
Eddie Hick
Tom Skinner