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The duo of Viinikainen-Maaker makes use of guitars and enjoys an artistic chemistry between the two of them. When playing together, the pair makes note of listening to each other, offering support and also surprising each other with twists and turns. They share a mutual vision of their music – at times dreamily translucent, then assertive and dominant. Taking center stage at their Christmas Jazz performance is the music of Bill Evans, an influencer of both guitarists.


Teemu Viinikainen is a sought-after musician among Finland’s jazz scene, playing in groups like Jukka Perko Avara and U-Street All Stars. His creative approach to improvising has gathered praise from critics and fellow musicians alike.


Over the years Andre Maaker has participated in many different projects ranging from jazz to folk, his spontaneous playstyle having lent itself also to rock groups and serving him well while performing his own creation.


Teemu Viinikainen
Andre Maaker