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The organ with its majestic sound has rightfully earned its title as the king of instruments. Most associate the organ with church traditions, but what would happen if one were to cast aside these assumptions and look at the instrument from a fresh perspective?


An outstanding organist of Estonia’s younger generation, Ulla Krigul has regularly come out with new solo repertoire each year – next to Bach, Buxtehude, Bruhns, Muffat and Hindemith new music of today also holds an important spot. She frequently performs the compositions of young Estonian composers. As a solo artist and a sought-after chamber music partner she has performed in all of Estonia’s churches, her engagements have taken her to Finland, Sweden and Austria. As of now she also works as a lector at the Estonian Music and Theatre Academy and as an organist at the the evangelical lutheran church of Finland.


The music performed by her at this year’s Christmas Jazz is written by talented young composers such as Maria Faust, Malle Maltis, Raul Ojamaa and Sander Mölder. Characterized by jazzy intonations, improvisation and a nordic feel, Maria Faust’s compositions change and surprise constantly. Malle Maltis has always been interested in mixing the electronic and the acoustic – with her classical, but modern electroacoustical sound, her creations are always a breath of fresh air. More known as the mastermind behind the dance music project TIKS, Sander Mölder has recently also premiered his first ever stage composition, the ballet “Keres”. The Miljardid-guitarist Raul Ojamaa is also a talented producer, who can be described as a band player with an ambition for electronic music.


What will happen, when all these composers create a composition for the organ and electronics? Time will tell, as we wait for what will hopefully be a truly original symbiosis of different styles and artistic visions.


Perfomed at the concert:
Sander Mölder “Reset” for organ and electronics (2017)

Malle Maltis “Veetrepp” for organ and electronics (2017)

A premiere by Maria Faust (2018)
A premiere by Raul Ojamaa (2018)
A premiere by Sander Mölder (2018)


Ulla Krigul