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Switzerland trio VEIN, who are regarded as one of the most interesting modern ensembles of Europe, have achieved remarkable fame amongst jazz audiences with their stylistic variability and technical brilliance. Trio, found in 2006 by pianist Michael Arbenz, double bassist Thomas Lähns and drummer Florian Arbenz have released albums almost every year, including their vision of Gershwin’s “Porgy and Bess”, Ravel’s creations and cooperations with saxophonists Dave Liebman, Greg Osby and Andy Sheppard.


In VEIN’s music, European chamber music tradition mixes with jazz’s sophisticated improvisations, where the member’s studies of classical music and regular work in reputable orchestras play an important role. Seemingly serious, humour and musical irony are also important in trio’s creation, for what both classical and jazz world give abundant opportunities. VEIN gives 50-70 concerts per year and tours internationally, all this while releasing albums and working together with well-respected European orchestras and big bands. This time, they have formed an interesting quartet with British top saxophonist and composer Andy Sheppard. The legendary musician’s style is respectful of traditions and recognisable, combined with VEIN’s adaptive brilliance will touch all jazz souls in the purest way.


Andy Sheppard
Michael Arbenz
Thomas Lähns
double bass
Florian Arbenz