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Explosive energy, unpredictable sounds, unique compositions and ecstatic improvisations – this is the ultra-modern Estonian-Lithuanian-Finnish-French group, Captain Kirke and the Klingons!


Kirke is a very active and initiative musician, as her new quintet, Captain Kirke and the Klingons, can easily prove it. Kirke teamed up in her pan-European group with Lithuanian multi-reeds player Liudas Mockunas, saxophonist Pierre Lapprand, French bass player Etienne Renard and her fellow-countryman, drummer Hans Kurvits on drums. Their music draws influence from a large variety of musical sources, including metal, free jazz, minimalism, expressionism and modern European jazz. These musicians have known each other for many years, having played together in universities, jazz clubs, summer courses and festivals. Though they are spread out all across Europe, the wish to discover and create something all their own brought them together for this project. In 2018 they recorded their debut album, to be released in spring of 2019.


Kirke Karja
Liudas Mockunas
saxophones, bass clarinet
Pierre Lapprand
Etienne Renard
double bass
Hans Kurvits