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Two fearless musicians capable of extreme dynamics and subtleties, Peter Brötzmann (reeds) and Heather Leigh (electric pedal steel guitar) began their musical partnership in May 2015 at the Tectonics Festival in Glasgow, Scotland. Since that time they’ve furthered their collaboration playing several duo concerts in Europe, USA, New Zealand, Japan, Australia. Together they bring countless decades of experience at the cutting edge of ferocious speed-of-thought improvisation and deep lyrical soul. On their previous three live albums (Ears Are Filled With Wonder, Sex Tape, Crowmoon) the duo have developed an intimate and intense language that manifests here as a focus on power and control, where figures blasted of unnecessary decoration are drawn from the shadows and smoke of collapse.


“Sparrow nights” (out on Sept 2018) is their first studio album, a series of emotionally rich and boldly elucidated tonal and timbral exchanges played like compositions on pedal steel and reeds.


We thank: Goethe Institute in Estonia


Peter Brötzmann
alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, clarinet, tarogato
Heather Leigh