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The Hungarian violin virtuoso and composer Félix Lajkó performed at Jazzkaar 10 years ago, fascinating the audience with the skill to blend into different cultures and a deep cognition. The style palette of the musician comprised of traditional folk and string music, classical, jazz, rock, blues and improvisational music. Lajkó skilfully improvises in all of those genres, but the music does not lose its liveliness and spark with the change of genres. He has the energy to lead several collectives and he also lives his talent as a film actor.

He has released 16 albums, among which there are solo, duo, and trio albums, but also records done with bigger collectives. The Hungarian President gave him a cross of merit for outstanding achievements in creative work in 2005.


We thank: Hungarian Institute


Félix Lajkó
Attila Sidoo
József Horvàth
double bass