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For the fifth year in a row, Jazzkaar is hosting exciting home concerts all over the capital Tallinn and this year also in Rakvere and Muraste. Our home concerts are a unique experience where the artists become a part of the family for one day and music lovers are welcomed in cozy homes to enjoy music in a very personal and homey environment.


On the 26th of April the home concerts will stop at Pikaliiva where MaiGroup will perform at Piret’s place. The bass guitarist Mai Leisz comes from Leisi, Saaremaa and her success story has now taken her from the countryside to big city lights. MaiGroup recorded their third studio album “Metamorphosis” in Los Angeles this spring. Mai describes new material as follows: “It is about the big changes that have happened in my life – from a girl to a woman, from Leisi to Los Angeles, from a music student to a world touring musician, from sad to happy… Any of these have not been very easy but even in the darkest times I have transformed into a butterfly who is now flying .”


Mai Leisz
Björn Arkö
Simon Berggren
Calle Stålenbring
Jonathan Lundberg