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The pianist and composer of the younger German generation, Martin Kohlstedt represents a modern school of piano arts that connects classical pianism with avant garde directions and electronica. The centre of his performances is a grand piano, supplemented by Fender Rhodes and the sounds of various keyboards.


You can find Ryuichi Sakamoto’s meditativeness, the hypnotism of modern minimalism and a broad line of development in Kohldstedt’s music that is based on repeating patterns. Martin Kohlstedt’s freshest album ‘Storm’ from 2017 is the most dynamic and expressive work by the composer, showcasing well the notable contribution to the development of modern pianism by the talented and deep creative nature of his.


„Martin Kohlstedt is a young composer with a curious touch. He moves between classical and electronic realms, refusing to allow his music to be pinned down“ _ Clash


Martin Kohlstedt
piano, keyboard, Fender Rhodes