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The Israeli pianist Shai Maestro has deservedly become a shining star in the jazz world whose talent knows no boundaries and whose influence could be placed next to the important innovators such as jazz pianists Paul Bley, Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett and others. His melody-focused soundscape virtuoso creates film-like pictures. The pianist has been inspired by classical music, the vividness of the traditional Jewish and Arabic sounds, but also European and American jazz and African rhythms.


The Shai Maestro Trio has recorded five albums and the latest work ‘The Dream Thief’ (2018) with drummer Ofri Nehemya and bass player Jorge Roeder was released under the ECM label. In the music the trio has recorded what lingers is the endless devotion and creative courage to let music flow free while inviting to enjoy the journey, the process of making music. A special kind of unity between the musicians will be found at concerts in particular.


We thank: The Embassy of Israel


Shai Maestro
Jorge Roeder
Ofri Nehemya