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In this project Sylvaine Hélary and her band explore a chamber music with a very singular sound. Playing on timbres and resonances, Spring Roll defends a resolutely contemporary music while borrowing the codes and playground of the jazz. It is a question of exploring a direction of composing inspired as much by her training in art music, as by her sessions with musicians of the New York scene and by the unclassifiable pop music of her wild years.


Spring Roll instrumentation is unique : four musicians on stage with flutes, saxophone, piano, percussions, an analog synthesizer and a ring modulator. We are tossed between pure minimalism and orchestral effervescence. Many improvised passages are part of the composition itself.


In collaboration with agency Vapaat Äänet.
We thank: French Institute





Sylvaine Hélary
flute, vocal, composition
Antonin Rayon
piano, bbass synthesizer, composition
Hugues Mayot
tenor saxophone, clarinet
Bruno Chevillon
double bass