Winter Jazz 2020


Winter jazz focuses on concerts by ECM Records artists and Estonian musicians. English guitar legend Dominic Miller will be heard alongside domestic instrumental virtuoso Erki Pärnoja. A joint improvisation of two beloved guitarists is expected at the concert.


guitar, electronics

Composer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Erki Pärnoja has gained recognition as a versatile artist, and has been welcomed in jazz, pop, folk and rock music. In 2015, Pärnoja released a widely acclaimed debut EP “Himmelbjerget”, which was a worthy sequel to the album “Efterglow” (2017). Efterglow was awarded as the Estonian Indie/Alternative Album of the Year Award at the Estonian Music Awards and the author himself received the Male Artist of the Year award. In addition, Erki’s “Efterglow” has performed at major jazz festivals both at home and abroad such as EFG London Jazz Festival and Pori Jazz.


To mark the centenary of the Republic of Estonia and for the opening of the Jazzkaar Festival 2018, Erki Pärnoja wrote a major cross-genre piece entitled “Saja Lugu”, which portrays Estonia through it’s people. The concert was recorded and  released as an album, which was nominated at the Estonian Music Awards in the category of Jazz Album of the Year. Erki Pärnaoja’s track “Ranna I” from “Saja Lugu” has already garnered over 2.3 million listeners on Spotify.


In February, Erki Pärnoja will release his fourth album”Leva”, which will lead him to a solo tour. The seven-track record is influenced by the author’s previous albums, but is still fresh and independent.


Dominic Miller is familiar to Estonian music lovers — he has repeatedly performed here with the beloved singer Sting. Miller introduced his previous ECM album “Silent Light” to the audience at Jazzkaar festival. With the recent ECM album “Absinthe”, Dominic Miller Group is giving 38
concerts in Europe and Tallinn has the honor of being one of the places.


Life has brought the American-Irish musician Dominic Miller to different continents and his global musical reach also manifests itself in his work. “When Dominic touches the guitar, he is able to elevate the human soul to the higher fields,” Sting has said about the long-time guitar player in his band. Miller has recorded 10 albums with Sting and played numerous tours with him.


In addition of touring and studio work, Dominic Miller has recorded 13 solo albums, the first of which, “First Touch,” was released in 1995 and the last, “Absinthe,” in 2019 which is the artist’s second ECM album. The album  was recorded at La Buissonne’s studio in southern France. Miller’s music is influenced by English, Moroccan, and Cuban folk music, has hints with American r’n’b, British progerok, and French chansons. The guitarist’s creative reach is also demonstrated by the classic album released in 2003, where he interpreted the works of Bach, Beethoven, Elgar and


While Dominic Miller’s previous album “Silent light” was an intimate solo or dialog, the new
album, “Absinthe”, has a diverse atmosphere, with musical influences from several
corners of the world. Miller’s ability to express his emotions through the guitar is amazing and the band’s excellent musicians also give the maximum.