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Virtuosic, dazzling, attention-grabbing and extremely technical, yet a mellow listening experience: the sound of Titoks is a rare occurrence in Estonia. The group’s music sends listeners to a voyage in a time machine, where one discovers forgotten nostalgic melodies, energy-laden swing rhythms and the mellow atmosphere of smoky salon music.


Titoks’s dream is for Estonia to be known as a country where gipsy jazz is played and listened to with the same passion as, for example, Finland or the Netherlands. The band’s role models are Raimond Valgre, Bireli Lagrene and, of course, the legendary Django Reinhardt and Stephanie Grappelli. The band’s debut concert took place in 2016 at the IdeeJazz festival, and the trio’s debut album “When Day is Done” was released in 2018. The trio has given numerous concerts both at home and abroad.





Kristjan Rudanovski
Jaanis Kill
Robert Nõmmann
double bass
Ainar Toit