5th year for the Urban Project to break into the city routine!

15. April 2014

It has been already 5 years of Urban Project! From 14th of April throughout the whole Jazzkaar there are many cool jazz concerts in the urban environment – in public transport, on squares and streets, at the airport and harbour. Musicians, artists, dancers and random audience members create opportunities for exciting concerts and participation options. This year there will be Urban Project days in Viljandi and Tartu, too! Every concert is unique and the outcome, the thrill depends on the musicians, on place and weather, on participants and audience.

Urban City Project musicians are saxophonist Siim Aimla, who has been with the Urban City Project from the start, art will be added by Sally studio youngsters, internationality wil be added by US bluesman James Dalton, also our own Maria Faust, Danish drummer Karsten Mathiesen who also took part in the first Urban Project.  Australian duo Tyler & Silk and we will greet again the vocal band JazzIn Sisters. And of course there will be young cool musicians from Georg Ots’ Music School, Heino Eller’s Tartu Music School, University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy’s music students. 


For the past years, the favourite venues to suddenly perform are in the beautiful Old Town. Keep your eyes open on Harju, Viru and Vana-Turu Street – it might be that you can walk on a red carpet, pop through a jam session or participate in the jazz procession. It is also good idea to check the Jazz Window of My City Hotel where lately many musicians are spotted. Constant vigilance!


For travellers, Urban City Project comes to the check-in area in airport and also in the harbour’s A and D Terminals. Musicians travel by trams, chanting their slogan „Tram ride wins time!“


In secret – there will be six surprise visits to six schools in Tallinn during their lunch break. A flash mob – or should it be jazz mob – takes place in Viru Centre – another sudden happening in the busiest shopping area. Watch out also for the jazz mannequins at the Kaubamaja windos – they might start to move and play! Hint – we have also thought about the drivers sitting in the traffic jams in the morning and evening. 


On 19th of April in Viljandi and 26th in Tartu a mini-urban project will take place which starts with Elron’s jazzy trains. You can choose if You’d like to be taken away with improvisations or traditional jazz tunes. 


Feeling hungry (for jazz)? You are welcome to the Pärnu street Reval Cafe on 17th, 19th of April at 12 pm or Müürivahe Reval Cafe on 23rd, 24th and 26th same time to hear some lovely pop-up concerts. Longer lunch concerts will be at NYC Piano Bar from 21st to 25th starting from 2 pm and hosted by Otsa music school. 


Urban Project Schedule for 2014

April 15 12:10     action in schools, Siim Aimla and co                                                       

April 16

                12:25     action in schools, Siim Aimla and co        

                15:01     Jazz Tramm        (no 1 from Mere pst – Kadriorg – Linnahall) Siim Aimla and co     

                16:30     Airport Jazz, Tallinn airport, Siim Aimla and co   


April 17

                11.50-12.10        action in schools              Siim Aimla and co            

                12:00     action in schools, Siim Aimla and co        

                12:00     Lunch Concert at Pärnu mnt Reval Cafe, “Jonathan Flack,  Rauno Vaher”

                14:00     Jazz Window at My City Hotel   Maria Faust

                15:00     Impro   Harju st in front of Vilde statue,               Siim Aimla and co            


April 18                

                12:00     Jazz Parade,       Siim Aimla and co            

                13:00     Jazz window      My City                Hotel, James Dalton 

                16:00     Blues in Old Town           Harju st Vilde statue      James Dalton

                20:00     Before the concert, Musical Carpet        Seaplane Harbour           

April 19                

12:00     Jazz Window     My City Hotel,   Carl Tuulik

                12:00     Lunch concert Pärnu mnt Reval Cafe     Tayor & Silk

                13:30     Port Jazz, welcoming the yacht Kajsamoor,        Taylor & Silk

                15:00     Youth Stage       small stage at Marina Pavilion   “Kristjan-Robert Rebane Sekstet”

                17:20     Musical Carpet, outside of Marina Pavilion,        Carl Tuulik                                                                                         


April 21                

8:00       Rush hour Jazz, at Russalka statue          Siim Aimla and co            

                11:45     Action in schools,            James Dalton

                14:00     Lunch Concert at NYC Piano Bar               ,      Otsakool

                14:00     Action – stone sculpture, at Vana-Turu kael st  Siim Aimla and co            

                15:00     Energy Re-discovery centre,  Vabaduse square, in front of the centre, Siim Aimla and co

                17:00     Port Jazz              A-terminal, 1st floor

                17:30     Jazz mob             Viru centre         Siim Aimla and co


April 22                

12:00     Jazz Window     My City                Hotel, James  Dalton

                14:00     Lunch Concert NYC Piano Bar   Otsakool

                14:00     Energy Re-discovery centre,      Vabaduse square, in front of the centre,  Siim Aimla and co

                15:12     Jazz Tram            (no 1 on Mere pst – Kadriorg – Linnahall)    Markus Eermann and co

                17:00     Rush Hour Jazz,                Viru circle            Siim Aimla and co

                17:20     before concert at Marina Pavilion    JazzIn Sisters


April 23                                               

                12 ajal   Action in schools, Eller music school

                12:00     Lunch concert at Müürivahe Reval Cafe               with Otsa school bands

                14:00     Lunch concert at NYC Piano Bar                

                14:00     Musical carpet  at the Chopin bench      Eller music school

                15:45     Port Jazz              D-terminal, 3rd floor,    “Jonathan Flack, Rauno Vaher”

                16:00     Flyin’ Jazz at airport        Eller music school

                17:15     before concert at Marina Pavilion, outside         Eller music school

                23:00     Flyin’ Jazz at airport


April 24                

12:00     Lunch Concert at Müürivahe Reval Cafe,             Karsten Mathiesen

                14:00     Lunch Concert at NYC Piano Bar               ,  Otsakool

                14:00     Old Town Music               on Harju st Vilde statue , Karsten Mathiesen

                16:00     Flyin’ Jazz at airport        Carl Tuulik

                17:20     Musical Statue  Marina Pavilion

                17:30     Jazz Mannequins            windows of Kaubamaja shoe world


April 25 

13:00     Jazz  in front of My City Hotel,   Karsten Mathiesen

                14:00     Lunch Concert at NYC Piano Bar

                15:00     Musical Beggar at            Viru st or front of Viru centre    Siim Aimla and co

                16:45     Flyin’ Jazz at airport                       Janno Trump and co

                16:30     Jazz Parade        Siim Aimla and co

                18:00     before concert in Nokia, the Musical Carpet Markus Eermann and co


April 26 12:00     Lunch concert at Müürivahe Reval          “Carl Tuulik, Kalle Pilli, Oliver Rõõmus”

                13:00     Jazz Mannequins, windows of Kaubamaja shoe world,  Janno Trump and co

                15:30     Port Jazz, welcoming yacht Kajsamoor,                Aljaste and Maar Sisters

                15:14     Jazz Tram            (no 2 Mere pst – Lubja, 15:28 Lubja-Linnahall)   Siim Aimla and co

                16:30     Jazz mob             Viru centre         Siim Aimla and co

                17:00     Youth stage at Marina Pavilion small stage          Kalle Pilli Quintet


April 27 18:00     before concert in Nokia