A charming trio from France

01. November 2016
Ines Margato

On Sunday 30th of October the Kumu’s auditorium hosted the last concert of Autumn Jazz 2016. The practically full room welcomed an open-minded and humoristic jazz from France: The Emler-Tchamitchian-Echampard Trio. The three men came to Tallinn to promote their album ‘Sad and Beautiful’. Their music is mysterious and enthusiastic, with evolving contrasts and complementarities between the instruments: piano, double bass and drums.


Andy Emler, Claude Tchamitchian and Eric Echampard have been collaborators since 2000 and in August 2014 they released their third creation ‘Sad and Beautiful’ which is dedicated to humanity and reflects it’s duality. A world drastically changing in the turbulence of major events but the beauty shining in every small detail of our lives -like tonight’s concert.


They started the concert opening our apetite for the instinctive jazz that was promised for tonight. They explored the experimental sounds of ‘A Journey through Hope’, where the Tchamitchian’s bass marks the steps of the path, followed by a cascade of Emler’s piano notes and intense Echampard’s drums. Through the individuality of their instruments, they created and followed the same path.


In a more optimistic song, ‘Last chance’, the elegance of the trio was very present. With a seductive background and precise technique, they allowed their personal rhythms to emerge and to go on their own into deep introspection. They created a multitude of layers through different sounds and tones. Extraordinary!


During ‘Tee Time’, we enjoyed frenetic sounds of the bass together with experimental piano’s notes. The drums were played with eyes closed, and enthusiastically joined by the band. The music is full of strong rhythms, abrupt contrasts and mysterious beauty.

This night the French trio were the kings of improvisation. On stage, they created realistic sounds that brings incognito into life and nobody knows what will happen next, from a story for children to a concern about the future.


The cohesion of the trio is impressive and easy to absorb. Their music moved the public and it created a connection between music and emotions, triggering experiences and reviving memories of the heart.


Emler-Tchamitchian-Echampard Trio
Sunday 30th October 2016, 5 pm at the Kumu Art Museum Auditorium
Andy Emler – piano
Claude Tchamitchian – double bass
Eric Echampard – drums


Check out the photos from the concert here.